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Project Description:

Free Your Email : a perl program to free you from: proprietary APIs, HTML web pages, etc... And frees you to use any mail client you like (I like 'gnus'). It can incorporate multiple email accounts (GroupWise, Yahoo!, etc...) and provide a single download point for all your email accounts. It can offer other information such as Weather, Stock quotes, and Appointment notifications.
The project name is "freeyouremail". It is a perl program that is developed and tested mainly on linux; although a WIN32 port is possible.

The name "freeyouremail" does not *only* indicate zero dollars, but free of proprietary APIs, WWW/HTML email front ends, specific email client programs, etc... You choose what emails to monitor and what clients to use (gnus, Mozilla, Opera, Pegasus, etc...). I.e. you are FREE!

What it does is ... it runs as a un?x daemon (and maybe a service under WIN32) and "monitors" services (email, weather, calendar, etc...). It then provides the information via POP3. It also includes a SMTP daemon server to send email back through any of the email services. It can monitor just about anything : email, weather, stock quotes, calendars, ebay, etc... Whatever the mind can think up. It has an event driven / OO design (perl OO that is) so new modules are easy to implement.

How it differs from other email projects is this: it is perl, it isn't confined to one email service (five email clients, one weather client, and one SourceForge Project of the Month client already exist), it isn't even confined to email at all (weather, stock quotes, ebay, etc...). It is a flexible "information" gatherer and provider.

I chose perl because it is a great HTML/text parser and is platform independent. Most of the other similar SF projects were C, C++, or Java. These languages were either not "RAD" enough, too complex, too bulky, not portable enough, or not "consumable" enough.

I started the project with the intent of applying "popfile" (also a project) to my daily emails and, as a bonus, got "xfaces" working and populated with enough images to "take a shining" to it (a good bonus at that!). "xfaces" has worked out to be a great GroupWise(tm) Notify replacement. It is also a great replacement for Yahoo!IM mail notify.

This is very flexible and extensible code. Planned are "Trash empty", "Bulk empty", email expire, and more.

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