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POPFile is the reason I started Free Your Email! I wanted to be able to SPAM filter my daily work GroupWise emails. Besides that, I wanted to be able to access GroupWise via my OS/Client of choice (which happens to be GNU/Linux + Emacsen GNUS and not WIN32 + GroupWise). Both reasons have worked out wonderfully! Originally I was confined to a WIN32 box and I always wanted to write a MAPI daemon to serve GroupWise email via POP3 and SMTP requests ... but that was a task I didn't want to tackle (or even think about!). But when I started applying my existing HTML robots to GroupWise, and eventually to Yahoo!Mail, I gained enough momentum to write Free Your Email.

Currently, I use Free Your Email daily to send and receive emails as well as weather updates. It is usable and *fairly* stable (but not yet robust). I hope you find the same.

You may notice (if you use POPFile) that this home page and the HTTP daemon borrow heavily from POPFile. I think the POPFile UI designer(s) did a terrific job in their information presentation and HTTP service and their work at "skinning" HTML content is top notch. And since POPFile is GPL, I decided to "stand on the shoulders of giants" and reuse their code rather than create new/ugly HTML of my own. Because they did such great work, you will find a link to their project at the bottom of this page.

Please take a look at their project!

When I left GroupWise for good, I needed a "GroupWise Notify" replacement. I originally meant to use "xbiff" (which I had used before); but when I started searching, I found "xfaces". And WOW, do I love it! I started collecting picons (personal icons) of my coworkers and I can't stop using it. When I saw its usefulness/flexibility, that's when I thought of the weather and stock quotes modules. There are weather picons available (where is noted in xfaces documentation), but I collected some from a proprietary site (so I can't give them away). Suffice it to say, I *may* have downloaded/modified some from the same site '' uses (ahem).

If you are in the same boat as I am, then xfaces is definitely worth a look.


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