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  • 2004-09-19 20:14   alpha-0.05 release
    • Yahoo!Mail changed their Bulk/Trash empty links to include a javascript function. This release fixes that change.
    • The above mentioned change uncovered a small bug in the Bulk/Empty function of webmail clients, this should fix that too.
    • Testing w/a different mail client uncovered a feature in the GroupWise web frontend. Namely it cannot handle long email addresses like "Frist Last" <first.last@some.thing>. FreeYourEmail will now "degrade" these type addresses into just the latter/shorter email address part (i.e. first.last@some.thing)
    • NOTE: It seems that not all email clients send a BCC: header line in the same way they do a TO: and CC: line. So I will need to make the BCC detection better. That will be in the next release. Double check all your BCC(s), or postpone using them until the next alpha release.
  • 2004-08-31 19:16   alpha-0.03 release
    • Updated to handle new Yahoo!Mail interface.  Replaced many 'die'(s) w/ dead letter notifications.  Improved stability, I have used FreeYourEmail for weeks w/o restart or email loss.  YMMV.
    • Refactored common code into new perl objects/modules.  1 more modules is needed ... a webemail_agent module.  Soon to come I hope.
  • 2004-03-16 23:43   alpha-0.01 release
    • First release. Quasi stable; still need to eliminate many 'die' statements and refactor common code.
    • Since "Release early, release often" is the mantra of Open Source software developers everywhere ... here ya go!

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